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About UrbanIron

Welcome to UrbanIRON Fitness Studio—the best kept secret in Woodbury! 

No, we’re not a traditional gym. When you look inside you may even wonder what we do? There are no treadmills, universal equipment, nothing that resembles what you imagine a gym would look like.  At UrbanIRON we create an experience in our classes that changes the way our clients look at working out.  We have fun. We’re a gym community and value the relationships with our UrbanIRON family, friends and guests.  We’re an extraordinary place—and here’s how it started.

My journey started like many of yours, feeling overweight and frustrated, trying every gym and workout you can imagine only to be met with little or no success. I struggled to find the perfect balance between cardio/weight training, eating/starving…I hated how I looked and it showed.

All that changed after my first kettle bell workout. It was the cardio and strength combination I had been searching for packed into one iron bell. This training style made my time in the gym efficient and produced the results I was looking for. Within my first year I lost all of my baby weight and improved my endurance and strength. Gone were the boring stints on the elliptical, hours on the treadmill and wandering through an overcrowded gym. 

For the past 12 years I’ve loved every aspect of UrbanIRON—starting as a member, becoming a trainer, and then finally the owner in 2015. My passion for fitness is the same today as it was on my first day because I know what it feels like to fall short after trying time and time again.  

We look forward to the opportunity to have you in our small group fitness and nutrition coaching.  We’re committed to working with you, to help you feel stronger and more empowered, to love how you feel, love how you look, and be proud to show it!

Your mindless, results-less workouts can be over right now… Are you ready to start your free week?